Ultima Megève

Présentation de la société

This magnificent venue hosts up to 18 people across 1’500m2, making it a paradise for groups and families. With a wine cellar, cinema, night club, spa with hammam, fitness, hairdresser space and massage rooms, Ultima Megève offers all services and equipment necessary to enjoy a extraordinary experience. Throughout the duration of their stay, guests benefit from all on-site staff to ensure an unforgettable retreat. From concierge to private chef, the staff at Ultima Megève comes with experience from the biggest and best hotels. The perfect harmony between woods and precious metals, bespoke furniture, leather and marble touches create a cosy and comforting cocoon for guests.Made-to-measure furniture and items decorated in beige and black, every room in this chalet preserves its own universe within the lines and traditions of the brand. Bronze covered chimneys, leather padded bed-heads and marble bathrooms, all contribute to this absolute comforting feeling of being at home.