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The Beverly Hills Hotels unveils new bungalows inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes

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Spend the night like Marilyn Monroe or Howard Hughes at Beverly Hills Hotel (Dorchester Collection)

She epitomized beauty and fame. He epitomized wealth and power. And both Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes made an imprint that has endured for generations.
Now, fans of these two 20th century icons have another way to indulge their fascinations -- with the ultimate sleepover.
The Beverly Hills Hotel has unveiled two lavishly restored bungalows inspired by Monroe and Hughes, who were frequent guests.
It's part of a years-long restoration project of 21 out of its 23 bungalows, the hotel says in a news release. Five take on celebrity-specific themes -- bungalows that salute Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra made their bows in 2016, and fifth that takes its cues from Charlie Chaplin is set to come in July.

The restoration preserves that swank outdoorsy feel that Monroe loved.

Here's more on what the iconic California hotel has to offer for people who stay here:

Bungalow 1: Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Black and white photos of Marilyn grace a space that's decidedly feminine in style.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn Monroe became the ultimate symbol of glam and youth. The design of the bungalow reflects the Southern California lifestyle she liked so much, the hotel says.
The space has a strong feminine vibe. Guests will find sensuous, curvy furniture, bright and abstract floor coverings and gold-leafed ceilings.

Sensuous, rounded furniture is yet another sign you're in the Marilyn Monroe-inspired bungalow.

A few of the amenities that come with the 1,670-square-foot space for the main suite:

  • A library featuring Monroe books and films, including the musical comedies "Some Like It Hot" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."
  • A Chanel No. 5 perfume bar (Monroe once said the iconic fragrance was the only thing she wore to bed) as well as bath amenities.
  • A bubble bath inspired from "Some Like it Hot."

You can even enjoy a meal inspired by some of Monroe's favorites: Prawn Cocktail, Heirloom Carrot Salad, DiMaggio's Spaghetti and Meatballs (that would be named after her former husband, baseball legend Joe) and Grilled New York Steak.
The bungalow is priced starting at $8,500 a night for the main suite. Contact the hotel about adjoining rooms.

Bungalow 3: Inspired by Howard Hughes

The colors and fabrics of the bungalow reflect the masculine tastes of Hughes.

Hughes was as famous for his mysterious air and moody, reclusive lifestyle as he was for his money. Bungalow 3 reflects that.
Guests will find "stormy bold colors, dark stones and rich exotic woods," according to the hotel. And while Monroe's bungalow has that feminine aura, the one in the Hughes bungalow is decidedly masculine with leather furniture and blue bedroom walls.
Some of the extras that come with the bungalow:

  • Hughes was a huge aviation magnate and pioneer, so naturally, guests will get an "Aviation Cocktail Kit."
  • Continuing the theme, model airplanes are placed throughout the suite.
  • Hungry like Hughes? Then you'll want mini roast beef sandwiches (he used to ask hotel staff to leave them for him under a tree every night).

While you don't need to be a billionaire to afford this 1,670-square-foot main suite, you need to be able to cough up at least $8,500 a night.

Both the Monroe and Hughes bungalows were designed by Champalimaud Design of New York. 

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