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GaultMillau: Tanja Grandits is "Chef of the Year" 2020


Tanja Grandits: She is GaultMillau's "Chef of the Year" for the second time.


Already in 2014 she won the title. Now Tanja Grandits (49) has been voted Gault Millau's "Chef of the Year" for the second time with 19 points. the highest mark. The top chef (Restaurant Stucki in Basel) enthused the testers according to the announcement with "kitchen. concept and persistence".

The GaultMillau testers discovered Tanja Grandits 14 years ago at a country inn in Thurgau. Editor-in-chief Urs Heller says of the successful cook:

"Now Tanja Grandits is at the top. She has been thrilling in Basel for ten years. defying all difficulties. persistently pursuing her style and perfecting him this year."

«Tanya is the boss»

She is characterized by a modern. contemporary management style.

"Tanya is the boss. But she is also an excellent team player. She occupies the crucial positions with the best employees. trusts them. Chef Marco BOhler is your most important partner. »says Heller.

With 19 points. Tanja Grandits joins the ranks of Andreas Caminada (Furstenau GR). Philippe Chevrier (Satigny GE). Didier de Courten (Sierre VS). Franck Giovannini (Crissier VD). Peter Knogl (Basel). Heiko Nieder (Zurich) and Bernard and Guy Ravet (Vufflens-le-Chateau VD).

At the end of a menu. It has to "crack again"

In the 18-point league. four newcomers of the year close the gap left by the Koch veterans Georges Wenger. Robert Speth. Carlo Crisci and Peter Moser with their relegation. Two of the newcomers have the same employer in the Giardino Group: Stefan Heilemann in Zurich and Rolf Fliegauf in Ascona TI (and in winter in St. Moritz-Champfer GR).

The other newcomers of the year are Patrick Mahler in Vitznau LU and Mitja Birlo in Vals GR. Newcomer of the year in French-speaking Switzerland is Romain Paillereau in Cerniat FR with 17 points.

The patissier of the year is Kay Baumgardt ("Fernsicht". Heiden AR) with 17 points. Baumgardt is of the opinion that at the end of a menu "it's time to really crack again" and stands for modern. bold desserts.

Edmond Gasser from Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic (18 points) at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne VD is GaultMillau's sommelier of the year. The Swiss star abroad. Dominique Godat (formerly "Kulm". St. Moritz GR). works in the "Metropol" in Moscow (Russia).


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