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The Best Chef launches Area Talks to debate trends in gastronomy


BARCELONA: The Best Chef launches the first edition of Area Talks on 24 September in Barcelona. During this event, top chefs, foodies and experts will engage in a dialogue on contemporary trends in gastronomy.

In addition to the already announced Food Meets Science conference that will be held on Monday, September 23 and the gala of The Best Chef Awards (on Tuesday evening, September 24), The Best Chef will organise the panel discussion Area Talks.

The brand new event will take place on September 24th, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the University of Barcelona.

Through discussions on current topics and testimonials from chefs and experts, Area Talks will offer a unique behind-the-scenes view on the daily life in the world of gastronomy.

Cristian Gadau, Creative Director at The Best Chef Awards, said: “We have created Area Talks to bring our community and the new generation of foodies and chefs closer together by getting them involved in the event program of The Best Chef Awards. Discussions on current topics show that there’s much more to gastronomy than bringing the perfect flavor to the perfect plate. With Area Talks, we want to shed light on for the approach, the motives and the pitfalls that make these top chefs and experts who they are.”

The journalist Eleonora Cozzella and chef Jonathan Zandbergen will act as moderators facilitating the interactive discussions with guest speakers.

Virgilio Martínez of restaurant Central in Lima, Pia León of restaurant Kjolle in Lima and Christophe Hardiquest, chef of Bon Bon in Brussels will talk about the challenge of creating a good work-life balance when running a top restaurant.

David Muñoz, the contemporary Spanish chef of DiverXO, will speak about contemporary gastronomy and his avant-garde philosophy. In addition, Eckart Witzigmann, the legendary Austrian chef who was the first three-star chef in the German speaking countries, talks about the evolution of gastronomy in the last years.

Foodies Kristian Thomsen Brask (Bon Vivat), Antonio Coelho (Lasarte) and Anais Cancino (The Wineteller) come to talk about their passion and about food & wine from all over the world. They discuss the role of foodies in the world of gastronomy and the interaction between foodies and top chefs.

Thomas Bühner (chef of the former La Vie), Henrique Sa Pessoa (chef of Alma and the TV show ‘Ingrediente Secreto’) and Roberto Rossi (chef of Il Silene) will discuss the alternative professional possibilities, in addition to the job of Executive Chef in a restaurant.

There will also be talks by Patricia Dias (Chefs Agency), Floriano Pellegrino (IG: florianopellegrino, brosuniverse,, Luigi Partipilo (Bros’), Daniel Watkins (IG: chefdanielwatkins), Sarah De Hondt and Adriaan Van Looy (Supermoon, Hungry for More), Gregoire Berger (IG: gregoire.ossiano): who will speak about the importance of good communication in gastronomy.

(Photo credit: Bon-Bon)

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