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This summer Live La Dolce Vita at George V!


At Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, escape everyday life with the new Live La Dolce Vita at George V! experience, which offers an indulgent feast for the senses with light, zesty dishes prepared by Italian Chef Simone Zanoni. Imagined to bring guests together to enjoy one another’s company and to savour Michelin-starred dishes, this warm and immersive experience echoes Italy’s atmosphere of easy conviviality. Live La Dolce Vita at George V! comprises four experiences that were created with all in mind, so that every guest can enjoy a meal in safety as soon as the government gives restaurants the official go-ahead to re-open.

“I am delighted we will be able to re-open our restaurant and offer guests a taste of Italy. As travel opportunities remain limited, I would like to offer my guests the opportunity to travel through my dishes. I want to transmit my love of Italy and showcase the country’s exceptional culinary offering, while highlighting the conviviality of sharing through a range of unique experiences,” explains Chef Simone Zanoni.

La Dolce Vita at Le George: A Mediterranean Culinary Experience in the Chic and Trendy Setting of Le George Restaurant

Simone Zanoni’s sustainable, Michelin-starred cuisine features refined, gourmet dishes that have firmly placed Le George as one of the most reputable dining destinations in the city. The menu includes a range of dishes such as crudos served as individual portions; cream of tomato, burrata, strawberries and Sicilian prawns; candied tomato tart tatin; cacio e pepe ice cream; and bouillabaisse and lemon risotto.

Dishes are served in a relaxed and lively setting that features a new dining layout and revised service to allow guests to enjoy the Le George experience in the safest possible way (further information is detailed below).

La Dolce Vita on the Terrace: A Light and Breezy Dining Experience in the Iconic Marble Courtyard

In the summer sunshine, the Marble Courtyard becomes a veritable haven of peace that exudes Italian dolce vita, offering the perfect spot for guests to unwind and enjoy one of Paris’s most beautiful terraces while celebrating Italian culinary traditions. In this most peaceful of settings, Simone Zanoni’s Michelin-starred dishes are accompanied by fine Italian wines that have been carefully selected by celebrated sommelier Gabriele del Carlo, voted Best Sommelier of Italy. Guests can discover the city’s most comprehensive wine list, or sip on zesty summery cocktails such as Spritz, Bellini and Negroni.

Penthouse Dolce Vita: A Timeless Dinner Under the Starry Skies of Paris

The team of Le George immerses guests in the heart of Italian gastronomy in the magical and poetic setting of one of the most beautiful suites in the world, with a culinary feast served on a private terrace commanding unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower and some of the most beautiful monuments of the French capital. While sipping on fine champagne and enjoying tailor-made menu crafted by Chef Simone Zanoni and served by a personal butler, guests will be able to watch the sun set over the Parisian skyline and admire the Tour Eiffel lit up. Combining Italian dolce vita and Parisian sophistication, this magical dinner takes guests on an enchanting journey of the senses under the starry skies of the French capital.

La Dolce Vita a Casa: A Gourmet Aperitivo at Home

Finally, for those who wish to enjoy a taste of la dolce vita at home, Chef Simone Zanoni has taken a creative approach to aperitivo, Italy’s much-loved tradition of opening up the palate before dinner with drinks and small bites. As a tribute to this moment of the day that is traditionally enjoyed with friends, the chef has created a take-out box that celebrates tastes and flavours from his childhood. Ingredients highlight Italy’s rich culinary tradition, with the likes of soft tomato focaccia made in-house by the Hotel bakers; tasty cream of tomato soup; melting heart of buffalo stracciatella cheese with pistachios and extra virgin olive oil; a selection of fine Italian cold cuts; and pesto breadsticks. This gourmet experience also features greens from Le George’s vegetable garden in Versailles, with a juicy tomato tian and a selection of grilled vegetables drizzled with traditional extra vecchio balsamic vinegar.

Tutti a tavola!

Lead With Care

As part of Four Seasons enhanced global health and safety program, Lead With Care, Le George has implemented a range of strict health and hygiene measures to allow guests to make the most of their experience in the safest possible way.

Each member of staff will comply with a series of preventive measures and safety precautions in the kitchen and in the dining room. Staff will implement these hygiene measures while delivering the flawless attention to detail and personalised service that the Hotel is renowned for. Today, more than ever, the entire restaurant team is determined to allow clients to enjoy Le George’s convivial atmosphere in a safe environment.

To ensure guests’ safety, Le George has adjusted its restaurant operations by:

  • Rethinking its service and menu, with individual portions crafted with the same attention to detail and thorough research of flavours used to create the restaurant’s signature dishes.
  • Adapting its welcome policy, by strictly supervising arrivals and limiting the number of guests that can gather outside the restaurant. A reception lounge has been set up for this purpose, offering clients a comfortable place to wait before they are seated by reception hostesses.
  • Providing all the necessary measures for social distancing by spacing tables, reducing the number of diners, and limiting the number of guests per table (maximum of ten guests).
  • Providing hand sanitiser at the restaurant reception and at strategic points throughout the hotel.
  • Increased cleaning (every 30 minutes) of all surfaces that Hotel team members or clients have come in touch with, including door handles, touch screens, and any other multi-touch items. All contact points are thoroughly disinfected after use with detergents with strong antibacterial efficacy, as recommended by health authorities.
  • Compulsory facemasks and gloves for all kitchen and dining room staff, with regular temperature checks.
  • Digital menus.
  • Remote, contactless payment. Bill holders, pens, and payment terminals are disinfected after each use, as are all accessories that are made available to customers to enhance their comfort (portable battery chargers, shawls, sunglasses etc).

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