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10/06/2021 • Unbefristeten Vertrag

Spa Therapist


Spa Therapist


A day in the life of our Spa Therapist demands high levels of energy. They need consistency even though the days are never alike; and creativity to tackle daily adventures. Listing all of the contributions that our Spa Therapist accomplish would be lengthy but the list below is essential to know.  

  • Our Spa Therapists are responsible for taking exceptional care of our guests and providing an excellent standard of a wide range of spa treatments during their day. This will also include retailing skin care to guests, completing consultation forms accurately and maintaining high standards in their treatment room in accordance with spa standards  all to ensure our guests receives nothing but the best experience.
  • Sometimes our guests have special requests involving requesting their preferred therapist, or the way in which they prefer to have a treatment performed or changing their mind at the last moment. Our spa therapists take this in their stride and have a high level of intuition and empathy. Sometimes our guests join us to celebrate special occasions and most of these requests are fulfilled by our Spa Therapists.  
  • Our values of Personality, Passion, Respect, Working Together and Creativity guide us each and every day.  The purpose of Spa Therapist is to live their behaviours to continue to create our legacy. 
  • Communication is what keeps our departments running perfectly. Our Spa Therapist must communicate with other departments and extended hotel team in order to ensure the alignment remains.
    The items shared are essential. However, to ensure consistency, our Spa Therapist are provided with specifics on how we care for their department and our hotel.

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10-06-2021 • Unbefristeten Vertrag • Dorchester Collection • London
Spa Therapist

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